Sunday, June 13, 2010

Swim, bike, run, eat! I mean, repeat!

I was a wee little las, enjoying the life of a swimmer, when I raced in my first tri.
Although it took me 9 years to race in another triathlon, I have been livin' (and lovin') the tri life since the beginning of this year.

I started tri-ing for the same reason most people do-to get in shape. And although I have more leg muscle and endurance than ever, I've gained unwanted weight.

Nope, it isn't fair that I train for hours everyday and the numbers don't budge!
But, I've heard it's a common problem.
There's really only one word to explain the phenomenon: overcompensation. After 40 mile rides, long swim workouts, and speed sessions on the track in blistering Florida heat, I admit it's very easy to veg out while watching Office reruns.

And so my quest for fully embracing a tri-life has led me here. But, weight loss is only the first phase of my master plan...70.3!

Through Tri Chicken I will document my journey to my ultimate goal, which is completing a 1/2 Ironman. (And for me, it starts with reducing my body fat percentage!)

Most of all, Tri Chicken will inspire, encourage, and motivate those already living the tri life, and beginners who aren't too chicken to tri!

With love,


Why I Tri
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