Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Say No.

It's time for a new challenge!

I love the giving myself little food challeneges.
A while back, my Mom gave up sugar for 21 days. When I say sugar, I mean the white stuff. The bad stuff. She ate honey, Stevia, and natural sugars found in fruits. I haven't had much sugar since this weekend, but tomorrow is Friday. The day my good eating usually comes undone. Plus, Sunday is Father's Day, and I'm sure Mom has something delicious planned. But, I won't be eating it.

My challenege: no "bad" sugars for 21 days.
Only Stevia and natural fruit sugars.

Why 21 days?
It takes 21 days to create a habbit.

For your tasting pleasure, I will post some great no sugar desserts for you to try. I'm not talking about sugar free sweets either. This blog is an artifical sweetner a.k.a. aspartame free zone!
Perhaps I'll whip something up for Father's day.

Day one starts tomorrow! If you would like to join me in this little challenege, please do! Even if it's only for 15, 10, or 5 days! You won't regret it.

I'm off to bed. 6 a.m. spin class, morning swim, work, 10k Midnight Run route with my good running friend (that race is coming up soon!), and then family time! But, first, here's a look at my Thursday...

Ah, summer camp is finally catching up with me! I'm absolutely wiped out. Tomorrow is the end of week one. Only 9 more weeks to go!

Slow cooked oats (2 servings)=300
Sliced strawberries=28
1/3 Sliced banana=40
1 tbs. ground flax=50
Salad dressing=85
Small orange=50
2 Corn tortialls=50
Refried beans=150
Small apple=50
2 tbs. pb=200
1/4 cup cottege cheese=50
Daily Total=1265
Today was all right as far as my eating goes. I was so exhausted, I couldn't really focus on getting the most bang for my buck if you will on my calories. Tomorrow I'll plan a little better.

Biked to and from work. It was hot. Went to Masters practice tonight. Easy practice. So I consider today my rest day, but being in the water was relaxing and a great way to end a hot day!


  1. You amaze me more and more. Asking God to bless all of your efforts.

  2. I love the giving up bad sugar challenge! I should do that too - it is one of my weaknesses!

    Sounds like your eating plan is going well!

  3. Hi, Audra, I just popped in to say hello, great blog, congratulations! I'll be your new follower.
    You can visit mine if you feel like.
    Cheers from Argentina!


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