Monday, June 14, 2010

The night I knew my brother was going to die

Andrew C. Dorsey

I wrote this in February, finished it tonight. I plan to run early in the morning before work, but I just had to get this out before I could really rest.

Oh, God not again
Awakened from my sleep
This time was different
This time was dark
My heart couldn't bear it
My brain couldn't believe it
One last kiss on my brother's hot cheek
An ambulance ride
Once last time
I closed my bedroom door, cried, "Oh, God no"
My body fell to the hard wood floor
And collapsed underneath death's blanket

To read my brother's story, as told by my running mom, go here.
You will get to know him more and more through his sister's writings.
I miss him every single day, and he's the reason I tri.

Aflac Irongirl 15k
For Pediatric Cancer


  1. God bless your beautiful, precious heart. Andrew is skateboarding all over heaven, and smiling really big at his sister, he is cheering for you, and so am I.

  2. This is heartbreaking. And beautiful. And real. I'm so sorry you had to experience it; so sorry Andrew had to experience it. So glad Andrew is happy and free and whole now; so glad you have the hope of kissing him again.


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